Sunday May 20, 2012
The Buxton Hitmen had a frustrating first league meeting at home on Sunday when after a great start and at one point having a lead of eight points the tables turned in heat twelve and The Isle of Wight gained control and ended up winning by ten. Leaving the home team with no league points to take from the meeting.

Team Manager Jack Lee spoke of his disappointment: “We nearly had it in the bag then it just started to go wrong, the track dried out towards the end and the Isle of Wight just came better, they seemed to make better starts and unfortunately they turned it around and instead of them being eight points behind they were in front by ten. Unfortunately our number one rider Robert Branford suffered two punctures in two separate races which is unheard of and Richard Andrews shed a chain and had to push home for a point which is tough. Then a handful of the lads fell and got excluded so it just went against us. We are very disappointed of course, they are not the best team that we are going to meet this season and that’s a worry so we are going have to do a lot of thinking before the next meeting. We’ve got Stoke next week who are going to be a bigger threat than these were so we are going to have to change something and get our heads together and see what happens.”

The team have said previously this season that lack of track time due to rained off fixtures has made it hard to get race fit but Mr Lee says the excuses need to stop now and the racing needs to start “We have had a couple of riders doing practice this week to get into their riding again and so we can’t keep using track time as an excuse as other teams have been in the same situation as us with rained off meetings. We have just got to get the team going a bit. This season has started the same way as last year, it was half way through the season until we won a meeting and I don’t want it to be the same as last year, I want us to start winning meetings now really, so we are going to have to do something about this situation. Especially at home we can’t afford to be beaten here. The same as last year our top five never got going at the same time, we always had one not scoring points and it went from rider to rider and again we look like we are having the same situation this year and we shouldn’t be in this situation.”

Though Mr Lee said there is good to take from this meeting “we are getting the reserves going now though which is really important as the reserves scores count a lot towards the team and today Ryan Blacklock did really well with a couple of heat wins and if he can continue with that he could change this team around. We just have to hope he can keep it together now as he’s just trying a bit too hard sometimes, like today where he got a few exclusions because of it but if we can keep him going and work on the rest of the lads hopefully the points will start coming in.”

The Hitmen have two fixtures next weekend; away at Stoke Saturday and the return leg against Stoke at Home on Sunday. The home meeting as usual starts at 3pm.


Buxton Hitmen: 40: Robert Branford 8, Richard Andrews 1, Luke Priest 6+1, Dean Felton 10+1, Adam McKinna 6+1, Michael Neale 1+1, Ryan Blacklock 8.

Isle Of Wight Islanders: 50: Kyle Hughes 8+3, Ben Hopwood 9, Danny Warwick 14+1, Aaron Baseby 3+1, Paul Starke 7, Danny Stoneman 5, Gary Cottham 4+1,