Sunday July 29, 2012
The Buxton Hitmen faced league favourites Mildenhall on a very wet Sunday at Buxton Speedway but the home side were desperate to get in another home win and reverse last week’s defeat despite losing Charles Wright their key rider to Premier League club the Glasgow Tigers this weekend and it was clear from the offset that the Hitmen were out to get their revenge with a 3-3, 4-2 and 5-1 in their first three heats.

By heat six The Fen Tigers were down by ten points and sent Nielsen out on a tactical ride however Robert Branford stopped the visitor from taking the top points by winning the race keeping the score a safe 26-18. However Mildenhall came back strong in heats ten and eleven with two 1-5’s to get the score close at 36-32. Two 3-3’s followed with the Hitmen still just in the lead however heat fourteen saw an engine failure from Adam McKinna and a third place from team mate Chris Widman meaning the visitors took another five points making the score level 43-43 going into the final heat. The weather though couldn’t hold out any longer with thunder, lightning and even hail stones taking on the track meaning it was flooded in minutes and the meeting abandoned, leaving the score level and a draw for both teams.

Promoter Jayne Moss says the team are determined to get back up the league table “the lads were so fired up when Charles came back and they had that fantastic home win a few weeks ago and then the second in the pairs last weekend. However Charles will not be able to race at our home meetings now as he has been signed to Glasgow who also race on a Sunday so the lads had to dig deep today to prove they can still win. It’s a real shame the weather couldn’t hold off for one more heat to see who would come out victorious from this battle today but you can definitely see we have a much stronger team now from a month or so back and we are pretty confident going into this week’s fixtures off the back of this.”

Tuesday and the Buxton side head to the Isle Of Wight then on Sunday the Hitmen face the Scunthorpe Saints at home with the usual 3pm Start.


Buxton Hitmen 43
Tony Atkin (G) 6+1, Dean Felton 8+1, Luke Priest 10+1, Adam McKinna 5+1, Robert Branford 7+1, Chris Widman 2, Ryan Blacklock 5+2

Mildenhall Fen Tigers 43
Cameron Heeps 10+1, Joe Jacobs 6+1, Stefan Nielsen 10+1, Daniel Halsey 7+1, Lewis Blackbird 4, Ryan Terry-Daley 6+2, Josh Bates 0 (withdrawn)