Sunday October 07, 2012
After another long break between fixtures and a very difficult season the Buxton Hitmen were back in business on Sunday with a fantastic 56 – 37 win over The Kings Lynn Young Stars.

A 5-1 start in heat one was followed with the biggest crash Buxton Speedway has seen in a long time with Buxton’s Chris Widman and Lynn’s guest rider Martin Knuckey demolishing the fourth bend fence after a collision. A delay followed whilst fence repairs were undertaken and Knuckey was tended to by the track paramedics. When the racing got back underway the home side were determined to keep fighting with another 5-1. Heat three followed with the visitors repaying the favour taking the score to 11-7. A great heat four followed with close racing between Buxton’s Adam Mckinna, Ryan Blacklock and Lewis Kerr with a 4-2 result. A 5-1 in heat five was followed with a 3-3 in heat six keeping the Hitmen ten points ahead. Heat seven and the visitors first shot at a tactical ride was met with a 5-1 from McKinna and Widman, however the Young Stars second chance in heat nine with a close race between Kerr and Buxton’s Dean Felton went their way with a 3-6 and closed the gap 34-23. The Hitmen though have been in this familiar territory all season leading a meeting and losing out in the last few heats so a team talk and the boys were ready to prove it wouldn’t be another déjà vu moment and kept the scores in their favour for the remaining heats and a fantastic win for the home side.

Promoter Jayne Moss and Team Manager Jack Lee spoke of the difficult season the team have had this year.

“The way things are Speedway as a whole has been seeing meeting attendances falling even the big Elite League clubs have felt the pinch this year, so we most certainly have here up at Buxton, which is such a shame as the lads have tried so hard this year but it’s just not gone our way with one thing and another. We have one more home meeting left for 2012 and we don’t want this to be the end of Buxton Speedway.”

“Today proved that the lads still give it 100% even though we haven’t made the playoffs this season so it would be great if more local people showed their support for this amazing sport and supported the Hitmen. October 21st is our final meeting of the year and it would be great to see a bumper crowd with the Isle of Wight Islanders in town who are a very strong team and with our boys back on form its’ going to be a great meeting. So come up and see the sport for yourself and let’s see Speedway back here again in 2013.”

BUXTON 56: Tony Atkin 12+2, Adam McKinna 12+2, Dean Felton 11, Chris Widman 10+3, Luke Priest 6+3, Ryan Blacklock 5+3, Robert Branford r/r.

KING’S LYNN 37: Lewis Kerr 16, Tom Stokes 10, Jake Knight 9+1, Oliver Greenwood 1, Sam Woods 1, Martin Knuckey 0, Adam Lowe r/r.