Sunday October 21, 2012
The Buxton Hitmen ended a difficult season on a high note on Sunday with a 47-43 win over The Isle of Wight Islanders.

It was a meeting of drama with both Dean Felton and Luke Priest withdrawing from the meeting after injuries sustained in crashes.

Priest who raced to a second in the re-run of his heat 12 crash spoke to the track medics after the heat to find out he had raced with a broken wrist and Felton, who has decided to retire from competitive speedway after this season crashed at the start line, he said it wasn’t the way he wanted to end his career but thinks it’s the right time. “It was a bit of a painful and disappointing way to end the season for me, but the team won and that’s what’s important. I’ve been doing speedway twenty years and I’m not just going to walk away, I can’t just walk away, so I will probably have a go at Grasstrack and I’ll probably do a couple of training schools, I’m not going to quit riding bikes just competitive speedway but who knows what the future holds.”

A bumper crowd was at High Edge in what is hoped won’t be the final season of speedway at the Buxton track despite the recession impacting on crowds this season. All of the riders spoke of their love of the Buxton track in their final speeches to the fans after the meeting.

Dean Felton: “Thanks to all the supporters for sticking with us this season and hopefully we will see more here next year. We can’t let Buxton die it has to continue and it has to thrive, this is a place that should be used for training more often as it’s a perfect facility”

Adam McKinna: “I have really enjoyed my season here this year, I’m just hoping this place keeps going and is here for years to come because it’s great to have somewhere like this where the people who own it and run it actually understand the sport and they put their full commitment into it. I appreciate everything Richard, Jayne and everyone have done to keep it going, I’m just hoping they can do so for a while yet. I would love to come back and be part of the team next year as I have loved racing here. Thanks to all the fans that do turn out every week, yes it’s sometimes a cold place to come but we really do appreciate everyone who turns out to watch as it keeps this sport going.”

Chris Widman: “Thanks to Jayne, Richard and Jack for having me this season I hope Buxton stays open, as the other lads say it’s a great place to come on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shining and there’s good racing you can’t beat it so hopefully I will see you all next year as I would love to be back.”

Ryan Blacklock: “Thanks to everyone at Buxton for supporting us this year. Jayne and Richard for giving me a chance in the first place, and two years on the trot. I hope there will be more years of speedway up here because I love the track even when it’s wet and I would love to be here again next year. At the start of this season I wouldn’t have thought I’d be racing in any heat fifteens and I finish my second season in one so I’m made up.”

Jack Lee: “It’s great to say we finished on a win today against a team who beat us by ten earlier in the season too! We had a nice sized crowd today and if we got this every week there would be no doubt about the future of Buxton speedway so hopefully we will be here next season and people will come along and support us. I want to say thank you to all the fans who do come here every week, even when it’s raining we all really do appreciate your support.”



BUXTON 47: Ryan Blacklock 12+2, Tony Atkin 10, Luke Priest 9+2, Adam McKinna 7, Dean Felton 4+2, Chris Widman 4+2, Michael Neale (No.8) 1+1, Robert Branford r/r.

ISLE OF WIGHT 43: Paul Starke 13+1, Danny Stoneman 12, Lewis Kerr 10+2, Ben Hopwood 5+2, Steven Jones 3, Ross Walter 0, Mark Baseby r/r.