Sunday July 07, 2013
The Addison Engineering Buxton Hitmen were back in action on Sunday against one of the latest teams in the National League; The Coventry Storm.

The home team are still not back to full strength with Tony Atkin’s place still waiting to be filled but the lads gave it everything they had.

However the visitors lived up to their name and stormed into the first half of the meeting getting a 15-27 lead.

The Hitmen hit back with a tactical win from Charles Wright in heat eight and a 5-1 in heat nine from latest signing Liam Carr and back from injury Ryan Blacklock.

Coventry though answered back and got a 5-1 of their own in heat eleven putting them nine points ahead. The Home side regrouped in the next few heats and clawed back some points with a 4-2 and a 5-1 taking it to the final heat where Charles Wright secured the win backed up with a 3rd from team mate Adam McKinna.

The Final Score of 46-47 made Coventry winners of the meeting.

Despite their defeat Team Manager Jack Lee says they aren’t downhearted “They took us a bit by surprise early on today and built up a lead and it looked at one time like we weren’t going to pull it back but the lads got their heads together and we did pull it back.

“It's a bit disappointing to go down by one point at the end when we managed to come from twelve behind at one stage but that’s how it goes sometimes.

"One or two of the lads were struggling early on with bike set ups and things and weren’t scoring points but once they sorted out their bikes the points came, unfortunately it was just a bit too late for us to save the match. All in all though it’s been a good speedway meeting and well done to Coventry for coming here today and doing what they did. We will come back fighting again next week.”

The Hitmen are next in home action on Sunday against Kings Lynn Young Stars. Tapes up 3pm.

BUXTON 46: Charles Wright 21, Adam McKinna 8, Liam Carr 6, Ryan Blacklock 5+2, Matt Williamson 5+1, Tom Woolley 1, Tony Atkin r/r.
COVENTRY 47: Luke Crang 12+1, Robert Branford 11+2, Oliver Greenwood 10+2, James Sarjeant 7, Ryan Terry-Daley 4+1, Tommy Fenwick 3+2, Joe Jacobs r/r.